A Client from Kyrgyzstan visits the Miyun Base of BNBM House


On the morning of December 9, Kozhobaev Zalkarbek, a client from Kyrgyzstan, Huang Zhendong, Deputy Director of International Business Department of China National Building Material Company Limited, Yao Tianhai, Operations Director of CBMI Construction Co., Ltd, etc., visited the Miyun Base of BNBM House for investigation, and were warmly received by Yin Jihua, President of BNBM House.

Mr. Kozhobaev Zalkarbek visited the model rooms in the Miyun Base of BNBM House and the new village project of Shicheng Town, carefully inquired about the characteristics of new-type houses, and showed great interest in and highly praised the superior performance and quality of BNBM’s new-type houses, hoping to cooperate with BNBM House in the future to build quality houses for the people of Kyrgyzstan.

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